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Here is one of my favorite qoutes:

This is one of my favorite qoutes.
"The best and most
beautiful things in
the world cannot be
seen or even
touched. They must
be felt with the
-- Helen Keller

My name is Mandi Wilson and I am in the 8th grade.

I have 3 brothers, no sisters, and 1 niece.
My brothers are: Jeremy-26, Josh-21, and Cody-6!(and yes people Josh is single)
My niece is Kali-5 she lives in Wisconsin with her mom, Dawn.

I go to Crestview High School on Convoy Oh.

I am a cheerleader for basketball and football, and I also run track.

In track I run 100M hurdles, Long Jump, and 200 relay.

My bestfriend is Katie Williman. We have been bestfriends since kindergarten. When we get in fights it is about something dumb and it never lasts long.

I want to say hey to all my friends on ICQ! Hey to Paige expecially cause she is cool! =D

If you have ICQ so do I so add me to your list!
My number is 30046736 and my nickname is Baby Doll! Cause I am a doll! hehehe just kidden

If your wondering why I put a picture of the FRIENDS cast it is because I love that show! I also like Darhma and Greg.....GOOD and FUNNY show!

Well that is all for right now I will put more on here later.

Oh ya wish me luck I am trying out for JV cheerleading May 28th.......YIKES!
I will be moving my belongings in shortly.

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My interests:
  • Fashion
  • Pets/Animals
  • Shopping
  • Sports: Athletics
  • Travel

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[email protected]

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